Recall Flyers and Handouts

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Most flyers are 1 page. Print them out, then hand them out!

Show Me The Money!

Who Runs Pinole?

Response to Maria's Flyer
blaming Belinda Espinosa


Do these people look
like political thugs?

About the Pear Street Bistro scandal
(2 pages)

Want the facts about the recall?

Status quo must go!

Will outside special interests
dictate the future of Pinole?

Does buying an election work?

Mayor Alegria’s political consultant
Kevin Reikes


Concerned Citizens of Pinole for the Recall of
Maria Alegria and Stephen Tilton

Call (510) 587-3225 to get involved
Send contributions to: Post Office Box 758, Pinole, CA 94564
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Want a Recall sign to display?
Call (510) 587-3225 and we’ll get one out to you.

FPPC ID# 1298568