Maria Alegria and Stephen Tilton
recalled by the citizens of Pinole.

Congratulations to new Pinole City Councilmembers
Virginia Fujita, Roy Swearingen, and Debbie Long!

Virginia Fujita

Roy Swearingen

Debbie Long

Final Vote Totals

Should Maria Alegria be recalled?
Yes 3,498 (58.38%)
No 2,494 (41.62%)
Councilmember to succeed Maria Alegria
Roy Swearingen 2,055 (44.26%)
Steve Denlis 1,391 (29.95%)
John Bender 1,035 (22.29%)
Write-in 162 (3.49%)
Should Stephen Tilton be recalled?
Yes 3,357 (57.38%)
No 2,493 (42.62%)
Councilmember to succeed Stephen Tilton
Virginia Fujita 3,897 (92.85%)
Write-in 300 (7.15%)
Special election for the vacant council seat
Debbie Long 3,656 (67.24%)
Ivette Ricco 1,700 (31.27%)
Write-in 81 (1.49%)

“What you have to understand is that most people
in this country are men and women of common sense,
and when somebody gets out of line,
the people take charge and put him out of business.
In the long run, people with common sense
always take over.”

— Harry S. Truman —
33rd President of the United States

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