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Concerned Citizens Of Pinole for the Recall of
Maria Alegria and Stephen Tilton

The members of the Concerned Citizens Of Pinole are a group of
Pinole citizens striving to recall
Mayor Maria Alegria and Councilman Stephen Tilton

Our main reasons are:

• THE PEAR STREET BISTRO FIASCO HAS GONE ON TOO LONG. Gary Wong was delinquent on his loan payments — he borrowed nearly half a million dollars from the Pinole Redevelopment Agency to buy the building that houses his restaurant — for more than two years, and this has inflamed Pinole citizens and business owners alike. By the time a friend bailed him out and paid his delinquency, Wong owed $88,000, plus taxes. People in Pinole view this act by the City Council — specifically Maria Alegria and Stephen Tilton — as favoritism. We want this to stop — this is taxpayer money. Source: West County Times, 1/25/07, 4/25/07, 4/24/07, 5/31/07, 11/9/07.

• THE UNFAIR TERMINATION OF A CITY MANAGER for no particular stated reason and for allowing her to become a “scapegoat” for politicians who cannot make a decision. Belinda Espinosa provided a 200-page chronology at the behest of citizens to show her efforts to rectify the Pear Street Bistro loan situation. For her efforts, she was let go. Citizens want a competent city manager at the helm who cannot be bullied by politicians and special interests. Alegria, Tilton, and former Councilman David Cole all voted for Belinda’s ouster. Source: West County Times, 5/15/07, 6/1/07.

• ACCORDING TO POLICE REPORTS, MAYOR MARIA ALEGRIA WAS INTOXICATED AND INTERFERED WITH a police stop on January 17, 2007. She invoked her standing as Mayor and threatened to interfere with the police budget as the officer was carrying out his duties to cite a driver who made an illegal turn and was not carrying a license or insurance. Source: West County Times, 6/22/07.

• ALEGRIA, TILTON AND/OR FORMER COUNCILMAN DAVID COLE ARE STILL UNDER SCRUTINY with various authorities such as the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s office, the Contra Costa County Grand Jury and the state Fair Political Practices Commission. Source: West County Times, 6/9/2007.


The status quo must go!

Please Join us!

Concerned Citizens of Pinole for the Recall of
Maria Alegria and Stephen Tilton

Call (510) 587-3225 to get involved
Send contributions to: Post Office Box 758, Pinole, CA 94564
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